Like many small businesses and bars, we’re too riddled with questions like: When will we be able to open our doors to you lovely people again? Will there be strict rules? What would the rules look like? And is the universe infinite? Okay I’m sorry, the last question wasn’t related to the topic, I wandered off for a moment. Back in all seriousness now: truth is, we don’t like this any more than you do and we terribly miss you. To not end the news on a sad note we came up with an exciting way to still make you feel like you’re spending money at your favourite bar!!!As of now, you’ll be able to purchase vouchers. That way you can support us and when this gobshute is finally over, or at least less threatening, redeem them (in case you didn’t know how vouchers worked).
We’d be onemillion thankful if you’d decide to support us and can’t wait to serve you at the bar. Take care, stay safe, wash hands and stay lovely. See you soon, yours truly, the Quellis.